General Terms and Conditions

General Conditions for the sale of the entries and access to the event

The purchase of the ticket represents the acceptance of the following conditions:

Events, Spectacles and Conventions

  • Star Events GaNa, hereinafter the Promoter, will designate freely the place, date and hour of celebration of the events, modify, change or cancel them for any unforseen reasons foreign to its will.
  • Star Events GaNa, will designate freely the sale prices of the Tickets/Entry Passes and Special Activities and reserves the right to change or modify the prices at any time without previous notice, as well as announce as many promotions it seem suitable.
  • All the events, conventions, spectacles and Artists, as well as the prices of the entries and special activities will be announced in the web site and social net previous to the event. The prices of the tickets and / or special activities must be paid in total previous to the event.
  • Solely participants with purchased and valid entry passes. tickets will have the right to access the facilities for the event.

Check- In for  the Conventions

  • The dates and place for the check-in for the participation at the events will be announced in the web-site.
  • All attendees must present their booked entry passes and special activities in printed the day of the check-in for the event and show their supporting documents (passport, ID numbers / authorizations)

Audiovisual recording

For Spectacles

  • It is not allowed to access the spectacles with photography cameras  or with any type of professional video recording equipment. The recording of the event, either full or partly is prohibited. The attendees could be controlled  and checked according to the in force legislation, not allowing  the access with objects that could be considered dangerous by the organisation or forbidden by the regulation.

For Conventions

  • It is not allowed to take photos and make audio visual recordings at the conventions during the photo-op sessions and autograph signatures. Any type of electronic devices as mobile(cell) phones / smartphones, must be in silence modus during the Q&A panels and special activities.


  • It is strictly forbidden for the participants of the conventions to spread any type of audio-visual recording (images/videos) obtained during the Q&A panels for any advertising or marketing purposes. The recorded material is only allowed for personal and private use.

Cancellation of the Events, Spectacles and Conventions

  • In case of cancellation of the event, for any unforeseen reasons,  foreign  to its will,  Acts of God or Force Majeure, will the participants receive possibly a proportional refund of the spend amount for the entry and/or special activity. The amount of compensation will be solely decided by the Promoter depending on the circumstances. No costs, such as travel expenses, trips, accommodations or other expenses related with the planning for assisting to the event will be included.
  • In case of any appearance cancellation of one or more Artists, the participants will get offered the best possible equivalent replacement to their bought special activities, in case it is possible. In case not being possible only the amount for the special activities will be refunded, not for the tickets.
  • In case of cancellation or change of date of a spectacle, convention or event, the Promoter will use all media being reasonably reachable for, to inform about. Nevertheless it is responsibility of the user / ticket holder of one or more tickets to check if a spectacle, convention or event has been cancelled or modify regarding the date and hour of celebration.

Change of date only valid for the spectacles

  • You will have to inform us if you can´t assist to a spectacle with a new date within 7 calendar days starting of the day of the change, otherwise we will confirm your reservation for the new date and you won´t have any right to claim any refund.

Entries / Tickets / Special Activities

  • The tickets will be sold in advance as announced in the web site. The tickets will be sold only at the expressly authorized points of sale by the organizer or through the online-shop.

The street selling and peddling, telephone sale or other sales that could eventually arise are prohibited. The assignment and reservation of seats is by purchasing order or personalized.

  • All special activities, such as photo-ops, autographs and meeting-room can only be purchased if you are a ticket holder for the event.
  • The tickets and special activities for the conventions, events, spectacles are personal, non-transferable or resalable by the client to any third persons. The client will not be able to cancel under any concept the purchase of the tickets, once realized the payment order.
  • The Promoter reserves all the rights not to sell or cancel tickets and special activities to persons that don´t fulfill the requirements for the sale of the tickets and participation to the events, especially if the supporting documents are missing.
  • If you buy one or more tickets for conventions, spectacles or events, you will have to notify the Promoter all personal information of each person including a copy of supporting documents as (Personal ID / passport).
  • Tickets bought prior to the announcement of any promotions don´t give the ticket holder of one or more tickets the right to claim a change or adaptation of its tickets to the promotion either the right to claim the modification of seats or row.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to authorize in exceptional cases, the holder of a ticket, with previous consultation and permission, the transfer of the ticket and special activities; in that case the Promoter will be informed about the new personal details of the new buyer.
  • Once the entries and / or special activities are purchased, won´t be done any changes or any refund of its amount, except for reasons mentioned in the current Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • All clients that bought their entries through the online-shop or authorized points of sale will receive their tickets by e-mail or according to the rules in force of the authorized points of sale and must present their entries in printed the day of access to the event.
  • The ticket or tickets will be given according to the rules and regulations of the showground and the Promoter of the event.

Entry passes and access for visitors under the age of 18:

  • The entry passes and special activities for aged under 18 years must be booked by the parents or legal guardian, including supporting documents as well of one of the parents or legal guardian of the aged under.
  • Aged under 18 years, must be accompanied by an adult person, in case of not being one of the parents, will be required a signed authorization for the designated attendant as well as supporting documents of each one.

Special Activities:


  • Only available up to limit of stock and according to the set entries / tickets.
  • Only one person is allowed per photo-op, if two or more persons want to appear in the same photo, they will have to buy a photo-op individually, if the possibility exists.


  • Only available up to limit of stock and on authorized material offered on sale.
  • No items / material or products protected by copyright, especially images, photos or posters downloaded  / purchased from the internet or  third parties will be admitted.
  • The Artists can refuse to sign any items they do not seem suitable or offensive. The Promoter reserves the right to proof, check and if necessary to refuse products or personal items presented for the autograph signatures.

Refunds of Entries/Tickets and Special Activities

  • The Promoter will not refund under any concept the amounts of purchase of the tickets or special activities, either in full or part, because of any personal reasons, own negligence, not attending the event or because of promotional offers.


  • Private planning, including trips, accommodations, services, etc. in relation to the spectacles, conventions and events taken under contract by yourself, run of your own account and risk. We don´t assume any responsibility for any loss of right of enjoyment or lost expenses.

Prices and service charges

  • The prices indicated according to each entry or special activity include, unless expressly otherwise determined,  the Value Added Tax (VAT) and, in any case, express in the currency Euro (€). These prices, unless expressly otherwise determined, don´t include the expenses for shipping costs and/or service charges. In case of sending the tickets by ordinary mail to the user, the insurance of return or any other services and  additional expenses will be indicated in the same procedure of purchase as an additional cost.

Type of payments

  • Paypal
  • Credit /Debit Cards
  • Cash at ticket office or  shops

Please Note: Your payments may be subject to expenses of transfers, commissions and currency exchanges. Please make sure that the amount of purchase will be paid to the Promoter in total without any deductions, or the purchase will not be valid.

Admission and exclusión of persons to the Events, Spectacles, Conventions

The Promoter reserves the right of admission and exclusion to persons:

  • that behave in a violent, inappropriate, respectless or offensive way and that could cause any inconveniences to the audience, users or staff of service of attention to the clients and could alter the normal development of the event or activity. The access to the facilities, public spectacles or activities wearing articles of clothing, clothing or symbols that incite to violence, racism or xenophobia or show clear evidence of the consume of prohibited substances.
  • that don´t allow according to the law, the check and control of persons or private belongings in case to be obliged to check that the security conditions will be fulfilled. Any member of the security or of the staff is authorized to check and control your handbags and bags and ask you for your identification if the situation requires
  • that present their tickets in a bad condition, deteriorated, illegible, suspected of falsification and/or purchased ilicitly, through to not expressly authorized persons or points of sale by the organizer
  • that don´t present their purchased ticket in printed according the stipulations of purchase through the authorized points of sale; unless they show their supporting documents confirming their identity and being the ticket holder of one or more tickets
  • whose tickets has been cancelled by return of its total amount of purchase due to exceptional circumtances by mutual agreement between promoter and buyer. Once accepted and realized the refunded amount of cancellation, the buyer will be excluded from the purchase of entries with promotional prices and special offers, announced later to the cancellation date and as long the offer or promotion lasts.
  • that unfulfill the regulations and in force rules of use of the facilities theatre or place of celebration
  • that try to make during the spectacle audio-visual recordings, like taking pictures or sounds with electronic devices as mobile-phones, smartphones, photo, video or digital cameras. The purchase of an entry doesn´t give you the right to record or register any spectacle.


  • There will be in force the conditions and terms of use of the corresponding facilities and those told to you by the staff. You will have to follow during the whole celebration of any event the instructions of  security and staff
  • It is not allowed to drink, eat or smoke in the facilities of the celebrations of the events, unless there are spaces indicated and enabled for.
  • Use of staircase in common areas and theatres:

Walk up - and downstairs calmly without hurries avoiding running and  pushing persons that precede.

  • Use mechanical stairs (communication between different floors:

To respect at all the time the safety signposting of the mechanical stairs or signposting placed by personnel of maintenance. Not to run and not to push other users during their utilization. Not to use them in case of breakdown

  • The access and opening times of the events will be set by the Promoter, out of these, the access to the public is not allowed
  • It might be used only the areas enabled and indicated for the event, all other spaces marked with no access, are not allowed to be accessed by the public.
  • The Promoter will not be held reliable for any missing or lost objects or thefts. The participants are solely responsable for their belongings.


Questions or complaints

  • In case of appearing  any conflict, we will try to realize consultations of diligent form or to negotiate of good faith, and will try to reach a transactional agreement that turns out to be just and equitable for your interests, those of the Promoter and the used facilities.

The non fulfillment, unsuitable or violent behaviour and / or missuse of the stipulated conditions or facilities reserves the Promoter the right to exclude a client of the participation of the event without any right to claim any economic compensation or indemnify.

The personal facilitated information, by the participants for the purchasing and processing of the entries, to the Promoter, will be treated confidential.

They won´t be used for any advertising purposes either shared with third parties.

With the attendance to our event, you authorize us to use your image in mass media and advertising without the right to claim any economic compensation.

The presentation and configuration of the web site can be changed at any time, services can be extended, reduced or deleted, including its total deletion in the network, as well as the services and all offered content and information, all this unilaterally and without any previous notice. If any clause included  in these general conditions was declared, totally or partially, void or ineffective, such nullity or inefficiency will concern only the mentioned disposition or the part of the same one that turns out to be void or ineffective, surviving the general conditions in everything else, keeping such disposition, or the part of the same that results to be affected, for not established.

Prevalence of the version in Spanish language.

In case of disagreements between the General Conditions and the English version or other versions in different languages, the version will prevail in Spanish.



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