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On following you find the products offered in relation with our events. We are entirely to your disposal to attend your necessaries, wishes and special orders. We would put our effort in getting for you what you need. You can buy all the products that you are interested in, in our Online Shop.

For any questions deriving of the purchase of the offered products, you can contact us by filling in the following form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

All Products will be availble up to limit of stock.

You accept with the purchase of one or more tickets, special activities our Legal Terms and Conditions and Legal Notice.

We offer the following products:






Customized ticket for the access to the convention or event during its complete celebration. The purchase of an entry is a mandatory requirement for participating or acquire included or not included special activities.






Is an arranged opportunity to get a photo with one or more celebrities, a notable event.

Photo options

  • Single Photo
  • Double Photo
  • Trible Photo
  • Group Photo

These options will be adapted to each event by indivitually and specified according the announced events.

Photo ops can be purchased included in Packs or indivitually according to the description of every even, as long you are a ticket holder. Only as long stock lasts.


Photo-Ops made by Empareja 2 Fotografia







One or more autograph/s with a personalized signature of a famous person to a fan.

Autographs can be purchased included in Packs or indivitually as indicated in the description of every event, as long you are a ticket holder. Only as long stock lasts.







Enjoy a small talk of 20 minutes duration in private with a small limited group of fans with the Artist of your choice.

(Only for events where this option is offered).







You can get in our online shop products related with our conventions and events.

All products will be availble up to limit of stock.

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